Collegiate Ministry

University of Cincinnati

Reaching the World for Christ by Developing One Relationship at a time!


About Us

Collegiate Ministry is officially funded by Baptist churches in Cincinnati. That’s the official stuff. On the side we sell Ken Dillard bobble heads for sweet sweet profit. …not really. Come on now.

We’re a group of students interested in exploring the wonder and mystery of God together. We come from different backgrounds with different stories to tell and ideas to bounce off each other. Not everyone at Collegiate Ministry is a Christian, but most of us are, and as followers of Jesus, we don’t all necessarily have 100% agreement on all our beliefs, but we strive for the mark of Christ in our interactions with God and our interactions with each other.

theHouse – our ‘headquarters’ is at 2715 clifton ave. Come here and you’ll find a little slice of home or at least a little slice of couches and stuff. Come by any day of the week and you’ll probably run into someone.

Campus Pastor Guys

Dr. Ken Dillard

Dr. Ken Dillard

Main Campus

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Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Clermont Campus

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2715 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220